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Uttering Hills Cave

Uttering Hills Cave

Uttering Hills Cave is an ice cave located south-west of Anga's Mill, roughly halfway between Morvunskar and Raldbthar. It is the hideout of a rival Altmer thieves' guild calling themselves the Summerset Shadows.

Inside the cave is a cooking pot, a wood chopping block, an alchemy lab, a Corundum Ore Vein and copies of Mace Etiquette and Mystery of Talara, v1.


Uttering Hills Camp[]

A small campsite (with two bed rolls) is located just outside the cave entrance. It is one the possible locations of Kharjo's Moon Amulet.


Items of Note[]

  • Up the mountain slopes, to the north-west there is a Corundum Ore Vein, to the south-west there is another such vein, and to the west is an Iron Ore Vein.


  • Books ×7, bed ×5 and chests ~260, ~1770, ~2800; knapsack ~160 Gold.png value (L41).