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Vald's Debt
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Quest Giver
Maven Black-Briar
Vald's Debt
Quest Objectives


During the quest The Pursuit, Brynjolf sends the Dragonborn to infiltrate Mercer Frey's home and find evidence of his betrayal. He also explains that the place is guarded by Vald, an ex-boyfriend of Vex.

Vex further explains that their affair is long over and that she is now quite contemptuous of the man, but suggests that the Dragonborn can get on his good side by clearing a debt he has with Maven Black-Briar.

Talk to Maven about Vald's debt[]

Maven can typically be found at The Bee and Barb and if asked, will explain that Vald lost her Quill of Gemination somewhere in Lake Honrich, so if the Dragonborn wants to clear the debt, the quill must be found and brought to her.

Locate the Quill of Gemination under Lake Honrich[]

Vald's sunken boat can be found roughly halfway between the Riften dock and the boat docked at Goldenglow Estate.

Bring the Quill of Gemination to Maven[]

Once the quill has been secured, it can be returned to Maven who then gives the Dragonborn the book detailing Vald's debt to her: Vald's Debt.