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Valenwood is one of the provinces Tamriel. It is home to the Bosmer. It is believed to be the homeland of all mer, including aylieds, dwemer, snow elves, and chimer. The only evidence supporting this theory is the seemingly uncountable aylied ruins that are now engulfed by the flora and fauna of Valenwood's lush landscape which is primarily composed of vast forest and deep tropical jungles. These jungles also house creatures found only in Valenwood and nowhere else in Tamriel, including very poisonous animals to which only the bosmer seem immune. Valenwood has massive migrating trees in which the native bosmer construct their cities. No one knows why the elves choose not to dig into the ruins of Valenwood to discover secrets possibly left there by their long dead ancestors but rumor has it that the altmer know exactly what is buried deep in ancient Valenwood but choose to leave their modern day elven brethren in the dark by outlawing excavation of these ruins. Such excavation is decreed to bring harsh and cruel punishment.