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Volskygge is a Nordic ruin located west of Solitude.

In the first area, there are numerous bandits (×7) and a copy of Surfeit of Thieves. The final room in this area contains a puzzle. All the information required to solve the puzzle is in the book on the pedestal in front of the locked gate, The Four Totems of Volskygge.

Opening the gate provides access to the Volskygge Passages.


Volskygge Passages[]

This area is full of draugrs (×11) and frostbite spiders (×7).

Volskygge Peak[]

It is here that the dragon priest Volsung is found. There is also a word wall with one of the words from Whirlwind Sprint, either Kest (Tempest) or Nah (Fury).

The Puzzle[]

The path is blocked by a gate, and a pedestal holds the The Four Totems of Volskygge book. There are four plaques with the animals snake, wolf, bear, and fox. Obviously the order in which the switches near the plaques have to be flipped is the issue to solve. Flitting the switches in the wrong order will unleash a maximum of two draugr. The passages in the book are the clue:

The first fears all, The second fears none.
The third eats what it can, Preferably number one.
The fourth fears the second, But only when alone.
All must be activated in order, If you wish to go home.

Solution: Some logic gets you there mostly: The weakest animal fears all, so the snake is 1. Then what fears 2. when alone, its the wolf as 4., since as a pack they will attack anything. What do single wolves fear, the bear who is 2. Finally and this one is a bit iffy, who eats all he can, its the scavenger fox.

Solution: 1. snake, 2. bear, 3. fox, 4. wolf. Pull the switches in that order and each time you get it right another flame will burn above the central column, to finally unlock the gate.

Items of Note[]

  • Outside the complex is a round structure to the east: Urn ~300 Gold.png value (L52).
  • Outside in room with trap: potions ×3, burial urn ~160 Gold.png value (L52).

Inside complex:

  • Chests ~300, ~570, ~510; urns ~150, ~160 Gold.png value (L52).



  • Do not forget to get the Volsung mask from the priest.