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Where You Hang Your Enemy's Head…
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Hail Sithis!
Quest Giver
Dawnstar Sanctuary
Thieves' Guild
refurnished Dawnstar Sanctuary
Followed by
Take the Hidden Treasure
Quest Objectives


This is more of a reward than a quest and allows the Dragonborn to decorate the newest home, the Dawnstar Sanctuary. Only after having completed Hail Sithis!.

Speak to Nazir who directs you to go to Riften and speak with Delvin Mallory.

Employ Delvin Mallory's services[]

Like other homes, Delvin offers upgrades similar to those offered by stewards in other cities. These include:

  • New Banners — 1000 Gold.png
  • Poisoner's Nook (with Alchemy lab) — 5000 Gold.png
  • Torture Chamber (with victims in shackles) — 5000 Gold.png, leads to Take the Hidden Treasure
  • Secret Entrance — 5000 Gold.png
  • Master Bedroom (with mannequin) — 3000 Gold.png

Purchase any or all of the upgrades to the Dawnstar Sanctuary (19000 Gold.png in total). Then return to Nazir.


  • The "west wing" on the Sanctuary map will have been visible in part ever since the very first visit to the location. Only now, after finally purchasing the "Master Bedroom", does the area become accessible.
  • Be sure to purchase the "Torture Chamber" as well, since this launches a set of quests called Take the Hidden Treasure.