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Dark Brotherhood
Whispers in the Dark
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Mourning Never Comes
Quest Giver
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Followed by
Contract: Kill Hern
Contract: Kill Lurbuk
Quest Objectives


The arrival of Keeper Cicero and the coffin containing the Night Mother at the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary has led to quite an uproar, and Astrid does not like it one bit.

To make things worse, rumours have been making the round that Cicero locks himself up to then loudly talk to someone. Astrid presumes that one of the Dark Brotherhood members has turned traitor against her, and she wants to find out who that is and why.

The Dragonborn can choose to mention Astrid's mild paranoia to the other members and listen to what they think about the situation. None of them, for one moment, consider going against Astrid though.

Hide in the Night Mother's coffin[]

Astrid's plan is for the Dragonborn to sneak into the room where Cicero locks himself up, to then listen in on what he does. And the only good hiding place, of all places, is the Night Mother's coffin. So with a sigh, the Dragonborn hides away in the coffin.

Eavesdrop on Cicero[]

After a short while Cicero enters the room, and starts talking to the Night Mother. He is very much distressed that the she still has not chosen a Listener, and he is particularly annoyed that he was not chosen to take on that role.

It is then that the Night Mother starts to glow and talk to the Dragonborn directly. Mentioning a contract with a certain Amaund Motierre to be found at Volunruud, and that she will never talk to the foolish Cicero.

Talk to Cicero[]

The Dragonborn opens the coffin shocking Cicero, quickly explaining that the Night Mother has spoken of a new contract. Cicero is quite suspicious of this until the Dragonborn mentions a secret phrase, that Cicero immediately recognises as herald of the Night Mother's return, having chosen a new Listener. This overjoys the jester, telling the Dragonborn to immediately do the Night Mother's bidding.

Talk to Astrid[]

The Dragonborn decides to take it up with the leader of the Sanctuary first, and talks to Astrid. She is less than enthused about the whole matter, and deeply suspicious. While she thinks about the situation and on what to do, the Dragonborn is supposed to take on a few more contracts.

Receive a side contract from Nazir[]

Ans do the Dragonborn talks to Nazir who now has two additional contracts: Contract: Kill Hern and Contract: Kill Lurbuk.