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World Map

Icons on the World Map represent cities, towns, dungeons, and other places of interest. An area you have learned about, but not visited has a dark icon. Areas you have discovered have white icons. The world map also indicates your current location and direction, and the location of your quest targets.

You can fast travel to a location you have discovered by selecting its icon and pressing E. You cannot fast travel from interiors or while in combat.

You can also place a custom marker on the map by selecting an open space or dark icon and pressing Left mouse button. Press Left mouse button again to move or remove the marker.

Civil War maps[]

Each of the Jarl's residences has a Civil War map of Skyrim which shows which faction holds which forts. Blue flags represent the Stormcloaks, and red flags the Imperial Legion.

Map Icons[]

On the compass and map, white locations are places that a player has previously visited (and therefore may fast travel to), and those in black are undiscovered. Only the icons of places that a player has visited or heard about will show up on the map.

Icon Name Description
Blue Palace Blue Palace Jarl's residence
Camps Camps NPC inhabited area
Caves Caves Dungeon
College of Winterhold College of Winterhold Friendly NPC inhabited area
Daedric shrines Daedric shrines Usually uninhabited
Dawnstar Dawnstar Captial city
Docks Docks Friendly NPC inhabited area
Dragon Lairs Dragon Lairs Unfriendly NPC inhabited area
Dragonsreach Dragonsreach Jarl's residence
Dwemer Ruins Dwemer Ruins Dungeon
Farms Farms Friendly NPC inhabited area
Falkreath Falkreath Captial city
Forts Forts Unfriendly NPC inhabited area
Giant Camps Giant Camps Unfriendly NPC inhabited area
Groves Groves Natural feature
Icon Name Description
Imperial Camps Imperial Camps Friendly NPC inhabited area
Imperial Towers Imperial Towers Unfriendly NPC inhabited area
Lighthouses Lighthouses Friendly NPC inhabited area
Markarth Markarth Captial city
Mines Mines Dungeon
Mistveil Keep Mistveil Keep Jarl's residence
Morthal Morthal Captial city
Nordic Dwellings Nordic Dwellings Dungeon
Nordic Ruins Nordic Ruins Dungeon
Nordic Towers Nordic Towers Unfriendly NPC inhabited area
Orc Strongholds Orc Strongholds Friendly NPC inhabited area
Palace of the Kings Palace of the Kings Jarl's residence
Passes Passes Natural feature
Points of Interest Points of Interest Usually uninhabited
Ponds and clearings Ponds and clearings Natural features
Icon Name Description
Riften Riften Captial city
Settlements Settlements Friendly NPC inhabited area
Shack Shacks Friendly NPC inhabited area
Ships/Shipwrecks Ships/Shipwrecks Unfriendly NPC inhabited area
Solitude Solitude Captial city
Stables Stables Friendly NPC inhabited area
Standing Stones Standing Stones Interactive objects
Stormcloak Camps Stormcloak Camps Friendly NPC inhabited area
Towns Towns Friendly NPC inhabited area
Wheat Mills Wheat Mills Interactive objects
Wood Mills Wood Mills Interactive objects
Understone Keep Understone Keep Jarl's residence
Whiterun Whiterun Captial city
Windhelm Windhelm Captial city
Winterhold Winterhold Captial city