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Yngol Barrow

Yngol Barrow entrance


Yngol Barrow is a Nordic ruin located north-east of Windhelm, along the south side of the White River.

Once inside, there is a small glowing blue orb, possibly a "sea ghost" which seems to be leading the way through. As the Dragonborn progresses through the barrow, more and more small orbs join in. Ultimately, the Dragonborn reaches a room with a locked gate, and a dead scholar with Notes on Yngol Barrow on his remains. Also around the room are four small alcoves, three of which contain rotating pillars. The Notes describe which the pillars should be set to which glyph.

Eventually to face Yngol's Shade.


Pillar puzzle[]

  • The alcove with the skeleton on a throne – "Man in his throne" – no pillar
  • The alcove with water running down from the ceiling – "Whale in the sea" – rotate the pillar to show the whale
  • The alcove with sunlight filtering in from outside – "Eagle in Sun's Sky" – rotate the pillar to show the eagle
  • The alcove with weeds and plants – "Snake in the weed" – rotate the pillar to show the snake

Then throw the lever to open the gate to continue on to the throne room.

One last barrier remains, a dragon claw puzzle which requires the Coral Claw.

Dragon claw door puzzle[]

Inspect the Coral Claw. Select the Snake glyph for the outer ring, the Wolf glyph for the middle ring, and the Moth glyph for the inner ring, then insert the claw into the keyhole in the centre.

Items of Note[]