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Ysgramor's Tomb

Ysgramor's statue inside


Ysgramor's Tomb is a Nordic ruin located west of the College of Winterhold. Entry to the interior of the tomb, beyond the entrance chamber can only be obtained when Wuuthrad is returned to the hands of its rightful owner, during Glory of the Dead.

It is the resting place of the hero Ysgramor. It is guarded by the ghosts of past companions who seek to kill all who enter. Past Harbingers who do not want to enter Hircine's Hunting Grounds will gather in the main burial chamber after being denied entry to Sovngarde.

The Dragonborn enters this tomb in an attempt to cure the spirit of Kodlak Whitemane as part of the Companion quest line. You will get Wuuthrad after the death of Kodlak Whitemane, but first will have to get the shards which the Silver Hands have stolen. After you get them back Eorlund Gray-Mane will ask you to get the last piece which Kodlak kept very close to him. After that you will go to the Underforge and Eorland will give it to you.


The main tomb is overrun by skeevers (×2), Companion Ghosts (×21), Frostbite Spiders (×6) and one Giant Frostbite Spider.

Tomb's Mountain[]

After saving Kodlak's soul, returning the statue room from the east, be sure to continue through the now open stone gate to the west, to exit out into Skyrim, up the face of the mountain. This previously inaccessible area features a word wall for the shout Animal Allegiance, and just north of the wall a Gold Ore Vein.


Items of Note[]


Opened-up tomb during Glory of the Dead: